Brides and Grooms spend a lot of time and thought on their choice of wedding favour, something that will delight their guests, fit in with the theme of the wedding and not take up too much space at each place setting, yet make an impact to enhance the tables. Rebecca Blake will arrange wedding favour candles in a choice of fragrances to suit your personal taste and compliment the ‘theme’ of the wedding.

With more and more personalisation going into wedding favours these days, a great way to achieve a unique look is to add a unique and special scent to your wedding favour candle, which could also act as a place name holder for your tables. Rebecca Blake makes each candle by hand and will advise on the most appropriate and beautiful fragrances. If you have a favourite fragrance just let us know and we can personalise it for you.

We love weddings! Any questions give Catherine a call on 07740470400 or send us a contact email on our contacts page the link is here.

Your wedding favours are a way of saying thank you to your guests; a small token of your appreciation for sharing in your special day.

Traditionally guests would receive a small container of 5 sugared almonds representing the five blessings: Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility. These days, your wedding favours can be almost anything to reflect your own taste, budget and personality. So why not consider giving handmade candles; each time they are lit your guests will recall the wonderful day they shared with you. Make your Wedding Reception one to remember by giving your guests these fragranced personalised candles. Give Catherine a ring on 07740470400 or send her an email.

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