Guaranteed to make you feel Christmassy!  A sure-fire way to get in the Christmas spirit is by breathing in the evocative scents of Christmas. From pine trees to cranberries, wood fires to cinnamon we all have memories of Christmas waiting to be revived at this special time of year.

Through the centuries candles have been used to light up the Christmas season. There is the  Irish tradition of leaving a lighted candle in the window to guide Mary and Joseph. In Germany small lighted candles were the first Christmas tree decorations. And in England the candlelit church carol service is a much-loved part of our Christmas celebrations.

At Rebecca Blake candles we have created a special range of scented candles for this special time of year, evoking memories of Christmasses past and winter fun. Filling homes with those much-loved scents of the Christmas and winter season.

Our Evergreen candle is fragranced with eucalyptus, amber, musk and rosemary.  Bringing the freshness of green fir trees and the musky smokiness of dense forests to your home. Relive winter walks through the woods in the comfort of an armchair by the fire!

Or perhaps you would like to recreate the seasonal cheer of a European Christmas market?  Our Black Cherry and Gluhwein scented candle combines sweet black cherry with spicy cinnamon and a hint of orange and peach to bring the spirit of a continental Christmas to your home.

Maybe you’re looking for a more meaningful, a spiritual feel? Our Frankincense and Myrrh scented candle is fragranced with two of the special gifts brought to the baby Jesus by the Three Kings.  Frankincense, a smoky, woody scent, to symbolise peace. And myrrh, a healing, clean, warm scent.

Less intense but warm, comforting and stress-relieving, our Frankincense and Rich Plum scented candle combines the woody scent of frankincense with the depth and richness of ripe plum. With subtle notes of myrrh, vetiver and rockrose to heal and to ease anxiety and tension.  A scented candle of comfort and peace.

Or are you looking for the archetypal fragrance of an English Christmas?  Try our Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon scented candle.  We call this one “Our Christmas Cake in a Candle!”  Sweet cranberries combined with the freshness of oranges, a fruit traditionally enjoyed at Christmas, plus spicy cinnamon and a dash of zesty lemon. Christmas baking never smelt so good!

And, if you really can’t decide, may we suggest our best-selling Winter Season Scented Candle?  A base of rich, earthy musk is enriched with traditional winter spices, cinnamon and clove, and lightened with citrussy oranges and lemons.  All the familiar fragrances of the winter season are here.  You can’t go wrong with this ideal candle for winter and Christmas. Warm and inviting. The perfect welcome home after a day of winter fun.

All Rebecca Blake Candles are made from natural soy wax, clean-burning and long-lasting.

With 15% off until the end of November a Rebecca Blake candle makes the perfect Christmas gift!

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