Patchouli Frankincense & Orange (Soothing & Grounding) Essential Oil Std Candle


Patchouli s sweet earthy aroma is well known for its calming and emotionally grounding properties. It has been described as spiritual oil. Frankincense is woody, warm & balsamic with hints of spice & lemon. It can have a very calming influence on an emotional level. It can help in slowing down the breath so can be useful in stressful situations. Orange oil has a delicate sweetness about it. It is uplifting and refreshing with its fresh fruity aroma while at the same time it is gently calming on an emotional level. It is useful in aiding relaxation and is very calming to the stomach.



The standard candle contains 250ml of soy wax with an average burn time of 40 hours. You should always allow the candle to fully pool with molten wax before extinguishing, this ensures that the candle burns all the wax to the edges of the glass container, maximising the fragrance given off and ensuring there is no wastage.



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