I named my company Rebecca Blake after my great grandmother; Beatrice Rebecca Blake who was born in the late 19th century. She was born and lived through an era of candlelight. Her early childhood was spent in the county of Suffolk where she enjoyed an idyllic time with her family. Her days were spent playing in the fields in the villages of Badwell Ash . Beatrice Rebecca obtained her first job working in the village of Norton, where she worked in a large house owned by a Doctor and his family where she held the position of maid and amongst her many jobs was the cleaning out of the fire ash early in the morning and lighting candles and oil lamps during the evening. It was while working for the doctor that she noticed a very handsome young gardener called Harry Fuller. She fell in love and married Harry in the early 1900’s.

Beatrice Rebecca & Harry began their married life in Norton but shortly afterwards moved to Winchmore Hill in the borough of Enfield in London where Harry worked for a large house as a chauffeur and was in charge of the carriage and horses. It wasn’t long before the couple were blessed with their first child and over the next few years they became the proud parents to 6 wonderful children, (Kenneth, John, Harry, Joan, Janet & Olive). Beatrice Rebecca was a wonderful mother and was always smiling and jolly and even though she had the demanding job of bringing up 6 children, she was always the calm one and had a calming influence within the family. For Beatrice Rebecca her family meant everything to her.

When the children were still young the family moved to Stanton near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk and Beatrice Rebecca & Harry managed a Public House called The Cock Inn which is still standing today. After a short time at Stanton the family were on the move again and settled in a cottage in the village of Stanton Upthorpe in Norfolk. Harry worked on a local farm. From here the family had a short spell in Bracon Ash, Norfolk.

Work was always hard to find but Beatrice Rebecca was always positive and supported Harry wherever they went, she would often work alongside her husband and they often did potato picking on local farms to support the family.

It was in 1927 that the whole family moved to Poolthorne Farm near Cadney in North Lincolnshire after Harry had seen a job advertised in The Farmers Union Magazine. The whole family travelled on a horse and cart with their furniture and all their worldly belongings; it was a long journey. Beatrice Rebecca developed a beautiful herb garden on the farm and used many of the herbs in medicinal creams and tinctures to treat her family’s ailments over the years.

Beatrice Rebecca always made sure there was a table of food ready for her wonderful family at the end of a long working day on the farm. Everyone would gather and tell stories by candlelight about their long day.

Beatrice Rebecca Blake was my Great Grandmother and I named the company after her to reflect on her creative skills with herbs and medicinal creams and to acknowledge the tenacity and hard work she endured throughout her life. Beatrice Rebecca Blake strived to do the best for her family and my products reflect the best for Rebecca Blake candles.

Join our family today and become part of Our History here at Rebecca Blake Candles.

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