about us and our products

Handmade products sensitively and lovingly crafted from carefully selected ingredients especially for you to enjoy.

The Rebecca Blake Candle & Diffuser Collection was born out of a passion for fragrance. UK based Clinical Aromatherapist Catherine Lewak is the face behind the name. Catherine trained at The Institute of Traditional of Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy in London Regents Park College in 2000. Catherine has over 15 years experience in the fragrance industry working with clients from all over the world. She is based in North Lincolnshire where she currently creates and designs her beautiful candle & diffuser collection. Catherine’s innovative flair for fragrance and quality are reflected in her beautiful products personally made using 100% pure essential oils & blended fragrances. The candles are available online and also from a number of high end boutiques, spas and restaurants in the UK.

The name Rebecca Blake was chosen because it was Catherine’s great grandmother, (read more) who, through her hard work and dedication throughout her life inspired Catherine to embark on the business of making exotic scented candles and other products for you.

Rebecca Blake’s products are all hand crafted from carefully selected ingredients, Catherine is fastidious about maintaining quality and she will not allow any product which she considers below her high and exacting standards to leave her premises.

Rebecca Blake’s Candles are all made from soy wax which is cleaner burning, does not contain toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it’s less likely to trigger allergies. There are no petro carbon soot like deposits you would get from petroleum-based paraffin candles. Soy wax is longer lasting and burns cooler which means that you can enjoy your soy wax candle for generally 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle. Of course Soy is obtained from a renewable source and has a zero carbon footprint. The wax washes easier in soap and warm water and finally soy burns without giving off any of its own smells, it is thus perfect as a carrier for our wonderful fragrances. Catherine also ensures that the wicks she uses are unbleached and of the right dimensions to ensure the flame is not too big so that it burns too quickly and not too small so that it does not melt the wax to the edges of the container, which would otherwise waste your precious purchase.

Rebecca Blake offers a range of candle sizes to suit the room size, for large rooms with high ceilings you should consider Rebecca Blake’s 4 wick candles. For smaller rooms Rebecca Blake’s standard candle would work well and for small rooms such as the cloak room or in the bathroom whilst having a sumptuous soak there is the travel candle, which of course is also useful when you are away for a few days or the weekend and want to take your favourite fragrances with you.

Catherine is a qualified aromatherapist and has combined this with her candle making skills to produce some amazing aromatherputic candles. Additional to providing pleasant fragrances around your house, you can burn candles with essential oils to help treat a range of physiological and psychological conditions; you can read more about this by clicking here.

Rebecca Blake also offers a full service for wedding favours. Treat your guests with a scented soy wax candle as a wedding favour, a lasting reminder of your special day. Handmade using 100% soy wax, the best quality fragrances and untreated cotton wicks. The candles are available in many different fragrances, to ensure the wedding favours complement the theme and décor of your day.

Rebecca Blake also offers Room diffusers  available in the same fragrances as candles. This offers you the facility to maintain a room fragrance even when not burning a candle, for example when you enter your front door after being out, you can be greeted with those wonderful fragrances.

Quality and total customer satisfaction is Rebecca Blake’s aim.


We use natural ingredients wherever possible in our products and our packaging is made from recycled materials to reduce our carbon footprint, contribute to our ecological responsibility and reduce costs to our customers. Catherine is always looking for new fragrances to excite your senses and new blends of essential oils to provide healing and wellbeing for customers.


Rebecca Blake’s products are designed to give total customer satisfaction. The products are hand made from a complex balance of materials obtained from Natural, Nature Identical and Synthetic Aromatic Ingredients obtained from responsible sources. Quality is maintained through a strict attention to detail in the preparation, mixing and pouring stages.


Rebecca Blake products are all carefully designed to ensure perfect delivery: Our Candles are made from soy wax which burns clean, and is a perfect carrier for our scents. Our wicks ensure full pooling of the wax which minimises waste and maximises the scent. Our Diffusers provide a range of beautiful fragrances that outlast others by 2 or even 3 times. Our Room Sprays provide instant fragrance complimenting our other products with an instant burst of fragrance.