Rebecca Blake hand made products; Luxury Scented Candles in various sizes, Room Diffusers & Room Sprays

Transform Your Home With Our Beautiful Fragrances & Experience The Magic Of Candlelight.

A True Story…

  • Just received my parcel and so happy with the contents my house smells gorgeous thanks to the cranberry orange and cinnamon diffuser and the candles are waiting to be lit

    Julie Phillps
  • Well it may be obvious why I first bought a candle from you!! ;-) However, I'm absolutely delighted by the quality & the SMELL! Wow, so gorgeous! Absolutely love my freesia & white pear & I'll definitely be buying more, my new favourite candle brand!

    Rebecca Birch
  • My fab friend deb bought me a Rebecca Blake reed diffuser for my birthday. The fragrance is gardenia royale it's absolutely beautiful, the whole room smells gorgeous when you walk in, love it will certainly be adding to my new collection.

    Tess Doyle
  • First Class Service! Your Black Fig & Cassis candle is just perfect. You're as good as the high end candle/scent makers but better.

    John Lapage
  • Love my Rebecca Blake Scented Candle I brough at Kennedi Brigg

    Katrin Snaedal Hunsdottir

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